' Wildhurst Vineyards and Winery, USA - The Winery

The Winery

Wildhurst's production facility lies two miles north of the little town of Kelseyville, in the alluvial flood plain of Clear Lake and surrounded by vineyards and pear orchards.

Built in 1997, the winery lies next to the former Holdenried packing shed and storage facility - for in addition to being grape growers the family owns several hundred acres of pears.

The very finest in technology was brought in during construction, and Wildhurst boasts a Bucher bladder press, temperature-controlled fermentation tanks, small, open-top fermenters for the single vineyard red wine lots, and French and American oak barrels from superior sources in Nevers, Troncais and the Mississippi River Valley.

The Winemaker, Stephen Dilley

Stephen Dilley arrived in Fresno California in 2006 to study winemaking at Fresno State University. The roads to Fresno were many--some well traveled and some less. Stephen has operated greenhouses and gift stores, has been the Reserve Manager at an Environmental Education Center, and has had a career in the telecommunications industry. Upon completing his Certificate of Special Study in Enology at Fresno State University, a post-baccalaureate degree in winemaking, Stephen moved to Nice California where he has worked in local wineries and also commuted to wineries in Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Stephen joined the Wildhurst team in July 2015 and was the winemaker of record for the 2015 vintage. Wines Stephen has made have won numerous awards and received accolades from the public and Stephens peers as well.

In addition to his work at Wildhurst, Stephen consults as winemaker for a few small winemaking concerns. He lives on the north shore of the lake near the town of Lucerne. While not at work he enjoys travelling both near and far and spending time with friends and family.